Hi guys & colleagues,

you know me, I am Tribe Lead (Unit Manager/Director) Petr and recently I have read quite cool and interesting book called “the Lean Entrepreneur” from Brant Cooper and Patrick Vlaskovits.

I’d like to share with you, quickly, my highlights from the book. And BTW: I am looking for some experienced volunteers to having similar interest in the mentioned chapters to open up the discussion. Send me email, give me a call or just chat on the floor.

I like the chapter The Lean Journey and part talking about “From Here to Eternity: Growth Phases”.  Do you think that our company could eternally grow, year by year?

Another part of this chapter which has raised my interest is called “Finally, Enterprise: Large and Successful, Slow and Bureaucratic”. Do you feel that our company reached enterprise level and we are slow and play more politics than needed? Do you feel that we are successful?

Yes, the book is relaxing in my office, please come and pick the book up to have a chance to read it as well.

Thanks for your time and I am happy to chat soon,



When is the last time that you’ve received similar email from your Tribe Lead, Unit Director or any manager? I guess, you’ve never received such an email full of curiosity, enthusiasm and energy, right?


If you look inside the companies, mostly on middle management level, and look for Entrepreneurial, Curiosity and Outcome Thinking Mindsets, are you lucky to find one or two? It’s really really rare case. It has also a lot to do with Reactive vs Pro-active management.


I explain in the book “Manager 4.0 in Agile World of 21st Century” the importance of this mindset for a chance to reach excellent market share and brilliant success of the company. If this is your aim. Clear.


Many companies focus sooner or later on PUSH strategies in case of culture change or employees mindset change. Does it work? No.


We cannot expect that everyone in the company will think as entrepreneur, will be desperately curious about new technologies and knowledge, will be possessed with outcome thinking … it is not going to happen. Nonetheless if the managers, leaders and directors are able to become role models in these 3 areas, your company has great chance to start real culture change and spark a lot of innovative and creative actions.


I work on the new webinar and on-site training called “How to build Curiosity, Entrepreneurial and Outcome Thinking Mindset of people to become no.1 company at any niche market”. Once it is ready I will let you know.


Forget not even mid-term working PUSH culture methods, partly fake and never evaluated business case figures, always new artificial budgets, … all what you need for top performing company is to spark curiosity, outcome and entrepreneurial thinking of your colleagues in the company.


Chat soon,