Do you have Perfection in the brackets? Yes. As you probably know, nothing in this world is Perfect, because there is no limit in improvement.
Or in other words, what looks perfect for you, is just average for someone else with different mindset, values and experience. 

During the years working in agile environment together with scrum teams, seeing many colleagues losing motivation, struggling with new precise agile terminology and being able or not follow all agile ceremonies, boards, backlogs, meetings and constantly bring the value, … gave me a thought what is the cause?

Why after 1 or 2 years Agile teams are in FALL phase, why the interest of the groups from 20/20/60 Agile Culture Model is decreasing …

The answer: Many times colleagues cannot relate to the new terminology. They don’t feel anything in common with word like “Impediments”, especially in non English speaking countries.
I have two examples, where I want to show you, why NOT BEING ABLE TO RELATE TO is causing the decreasing motivation of the agile or any other team and also single employee.

More available in the book: Manager 4.0 in Agile World of 21st Century by Petr Kulhanek