Yes. It just has happened that I’ve been able to finish the book as planned. And it is now available on Leanpub. The book has 141 pages full of content and hopefully a lot of value for you. Plus there are 110 Smart Quotes for your even faster mindset evolution.

If I recall the memories how my CEC Model and NLP way of thinking has been created, it brings interesting flashbacks.

I have maximal 1,5 hours per day during my vacation on Ibiza to work on the CEC Model. I have low quality pen, even worse quality paper, no Wi-Fi connection and no table. But stillĀ  I have something great. I have NLP Workbook saved in my smartphone and tons of experience.

It doesn’t matter how many times I have to redraw the model or rewrite my notes. I feel moving forward and see valuable outcome. I see desired state.


Take your copy HERE!

Enjoy the ride and I am happy for your comments and thoughts.