Thank you a lot! I mean it. Whenever I see the notification in my mailbox that the book has been sold, I feel the satisfaction that it all makes sense.




It’s not about the royalties from the book. It is the feeling that someone else sees the value in the topics which are coming along the book.

The feeling that effort which I’ve put in to the book is meaningful and valuable for another reader than myself.

The book is finished, for now. Whenever I will learn new experience which might be adding value to the topics, I will publish the new version.

One of the motivating factors to write a book about Agile Transformation and blockchain has been for me the situation in nowadays companies. I’ve seen so many inefficiencies, not understood objectives, people lost in the frameworks and new over-complicated terminology. I’ve met so many non-proactive behaviors… that I’ve wanted to change it. Or at least give a chance to leaders, managers and employees to open the eyes, open the brains and see the business opportunities and Agile Way of Living from another angle.


BTW:  I’ve prepared the interactive webinar explaining CEC Model. During the webinar I give you a few tasks and share why I believe that CEC Model makes OKR framework obsolete. It is now available at