How the hack, it is all connected?

Do you know the values or better to say benefits of blockchain? What is the vision?

I believe that you’ve read about Blockchain technology, right? Mostly people know Bitcoin as the first crypto currency benefiting out of this technology.
Let’s share the major principles / values / benefits coming with blockchain, so that you will see, you are smart, that there is something in common with Agile values.

1, Trust
2, Transparency
3, 24/7 maximal visibility
4, Efficiency of cooperation, communication
5, Automatization built on trust and common ground
6, Connecting HQ, Countries, Suppliers, Partners, Branches seamless way

It is all about the NEW way of working together with partners and within the company. We can call it “New Ecosystem”.Blockchain is not solving all problems in your company, at the same time will significantly positively disrupt many areas and processes where you do have more parties cooperating together.


More available in the book: Manager 4.0 in Agile World of 21st Century by Petr Kulhanek