Have you heard about Money Laundering Directive 4 from EU? No? It might be a bit boring to read it all, but there is something enthusiastic for crypto currency investors …

Yes, it is really happening. After years of no action, Germany passes new bill about crypto currencies for banks.

It means that starting from 2020 banks in Germany can offer crypto currencies in their online banking systems. More details here.


As you can today purchase directly Stocks and Shares using money from your account, in 2020 you can do the same for the crypto currencies. And yes, bank has to take care that your digital assets are securely saved and kept.

This decision is a big one for mass adoption of this new investment asset class.


But there is a question.

Which crypto currencies to buy if there are 3000+ of them? Why to buy them. How long to keep them and when to sell.


These are the typical questions if you were so far stock investor, but you would like to diversify a bit and invest 5 to 10% of your money in this new exciting opportunity.

Personally I’ve been waiting for similar announcement several years. It took a bit of time, but it’s happening.

I believe other countries will join the flow and trend and make it happen as well.


If you are not sure which crypto currency to pick for investment, you can join me on this page and together we can start creating your portfolio. I don’t day trade the crypto currencies but I precisely select the most promising crypto projects for the period of 2 – 6 years.


The major aim is to work on own projects financially secure and free. One way how to achieve it is coming from new investment asset class – crypto.

Nice day and chat soon,



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