E  as PO = Entrepreneur as Product Owner

PO with EM = Product owner with Entrepreneurial Mindset

These two personas are NOT the same.

  • Communication skills, Vision, Accountable, Business focus
  • Curiosity, Product team tenets, Prioritization
  • Assurance of build in feature quality, A power of NO
  • End to end responsibility, Maintaining product backlog
  • Commitment, Owns the product APIs
  • Vision into action, Strategic planning, Passion, Optimism, Positive
  • Belief, Business storytelling, Leadership, motivation, Transformation
  • Social media, Technology, Bravery, Prioritization, Problem solving
  • Trend setting, Initiative, Innovation, Sales, Presentation, Goal oriented, Goal setting ,Stamina, Drive, Focus, Enthusiasm, Collaboration, Communication
  • Success driven, Creative Thinking, Think outside the box, Risk taking
  • Work independently, Strong work ethic, Negotiation, Flexibility ,Decision making

Morphing successful. If you are going to hire or transform new PO, look for all these qualities and skills. Because later you will find out, that in nowadays world it is NOT enough to blindly follow Scrum rules to have successful products or great POs.


More available in the book: Manager 4.0 in Agile World of 21st Century by Petr Kulhanek