Wake up, it is 21st century around us, and it is purely digital world. All is fast.

Typical attention time span for Generation Z on your website is? It might differ, but under 10 seconds. You cannot capture Z minds in that time? Pity, they are not coming back and not using/buying your product or service.

Sometimes it is viable to introduce redundant texts or messages to anchor it into the potential customers’ brains. But don’t misuse it.

Example … You have a planning ceremony with your Agile team, Tribe or Department. Colleagues share their plans, ideas, tasks. And there is a lead developer or scrum master who repeats minimum 3 times what the team is going to do in the next iteration.

You might feel, now, is the end of the meeting and let’s get to work again, but this guy will repeat again the whole list of 10 tasks what to do and again new discussions appear.

Avoid that. You lose time in which your competitors are already developing and bringing the value to customers.

If you have to repeat certain points or terminology, make a simplified summary of your previous explanation. It has to have AHA moment for all team members, … yes even for the back seat tired sleepers jockeying for smartphone entertainment.


More available in the book: Manager 4.0 Bible in Agile World of 21st Century by Petr Kulhanek