Do you know the movie, where you simply have to watch further? Example might be TV series  “Prison Break” first 10 episodes.

Once you finish the 1st one, you simply cannot help yourself but to watch the second one …

Building curiosity about the topic of the reader, audience, teams,  colleagues or students is a key value of CTA 4.0.


Engage the audience since the first moment of your presentation. How? Give them a question. Easy to answer question, but a bit weird one.


Example … What is your the most important ingredient for your favorite meal? You will start to understand the preferences of the people in their life, does not matter about the subject of your presentation.

If answer is “Avocado”. What does it tell you? Probably this person has a healthier lifestyle than others, like to eat fresh food, adore energy … and might be a good fit to your agile team like a scrum master or agile coach.

What the heck, how can you make such a quick decision? You don’t have to, but you are allow to do that, if you have experience.

Curiosity is the key motivational factor for the success. It is not money, incentives or even saying “Good job”. All these 3 are fine and temporarily might work. At the same time, you need a long lasting and performing agile team, right? Than bet on building curiosity in the team and agile tribes.


More available in the book: Manager 4.0 in Agile World of 21st Century by Petr Kulhanek