Crypto currencies & Blockchain Investments Advisory by Petr

“Knowing WHY to invest into selected crypto currencies is the ONE KEY THING for success”

In reality 95+% people are not much aware of which crypto currency and blockchain projects are meaningful and why. Do they solve real world problems? Do they have real use cases? Are there cooperating with sound companies? What vision do they have? Is it realistic?
If you know all this, do you know which crypto currencies, when, where to buy? How to keep them safe? For how long?
And when to sell them?

I am crypto currency fan since 2012 and blockchain fan since 2015.
I've created real world blockchain solution with Hyperledger Fabric for Own Brand Articles business and workflow.

I've created my own crypto currency portfolio with 10+ coins where I do see future value and sense base on real world use cases.

It is my pleasure to help you to understand Crypto "Crazy" World
and together create your crypto portfolio as part of your overall future portfolio plans.
Ing. Petr Kulhanek

What is my Crypto & Blockchain Journey

2012 - 2013

I’ve got excited about Bitcoin and mainly Litecoin. At that time I just purchased very standard All-in-One PC with this graphic card:

I opened account in Slash Pool and started to mine, Bitcoin first. At that time I didn’t know what even difficulty of mining meant. Remember, in 2012 there were only a few crypto currencies existing. 

PC was running whole day/night and very often ended up with “Blue screen” and I had to restart it and setup again and again. At the end after approx. 2 months of Bitcoin mining I had 0.03 BTC. As it was not really motivating, I switched to mine Litecoin, which is called smaller brother of Bitcoin.

In 2013 the price of LTC was just $2. Yes, with my totally low end graphic card I was able in 3 months to mine 4.2 LTC. I remember my famous comment to myself: “Ok, now after 3 months of mining and paying increased electricity bills I mined LTC worth $8”. At that time I was smiling. 

I stopped mining and focused on other business areas and projects.

2015, 2016

The crypto currencies were still here in 2015 and 2016. Blockchain was starting to be more and more discussed topic. Is it going to be the NEXT BIG THING? Will it change the world order? What will happen with financial sector and banks?

And other new crypto currencies became popular like Ethereum. 

I’ve started to study more about blockchain technology and possible use cases for real world businesses. I still kept my 4.2 LTC and 0.03 BTC in unsecured wallets as a file on several hard-drives. 



You know what happened to crypto currency world in 2017, right? It was a massive speculative bubble. At the second half of the year, everyone around IT was investing, buying, mining and becoming rich, sometimes only on paper.

In March 2017 I had 20k EUR free cash available for investment. I remember the day, when I was considering to buy Ethereum at price $30 and said to myself: “Should I buy it? Just 2 months back it was $8. What if it goes back and I will have pretty big loss?”, guess what I did? I did not buy it and invested to certain leveraged certificates on Gold, Silver and S&P 500 index. 

Still in the same year 2017, Ethereum reached All Time High value over $1400. 

We also know what happened next. Bubble was not able to last forever and the prices of crypto currencies were going quickly down. Joined long bear market. 

In the meantime, in September 2017 I realized that I still have 4.2 LTC in my wallet. And wallet software was still working, so I transferred my LTC to crypto currency exchange Bitstamp and sold them for $256 each. 

Do you re-call my statement that I just mined LTC in value of $8? 

In reality I earned more than $1000 with just 4.2 LTC. I wished to directly purchased LTC on Bitstamp for $2 a few years back. 

2018, 2019 and the future

Years 2018 and 2019 were in sign of bear market and many people called it “Crypto Winter”. New crypto projects and ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) were appearing constantly to come up with 3000+ existing crypto currencies. Most of these projects had and have no chance of survival. They don’t solve any real world problem, don’t have any use cases and very weak partnerships. 

Nonetheless these years provide great investment opportunity to build your crypto currency portfolio, invest into projects with sound partners, real use cases and happening adoption. 

I’ve personally never expected to build such a huge portfolio for myself with 5 major coins and several minor coins. But these years of lower prices have enabled and opened lot of opportunities for best quality coins to add into portfolios.

If you would like to add currently the most promising crypto currencies into your portfolio, securely save them, wait for the right moment and sell them to get extraordinary profit potential, you are at the right place.

I provide fully transparent paid advisory about crypto currency and blockchain investments. 

Whatever I recommend and advice to buy / sell I own by myself and do by myself. 

I've built blockchain real world solution for
Own Brand Products Workflow

As I’ve been studying a lot of books about blockchain and the real world use cases for companies, I’ve started the discovery journey in Metro AG wholesale company about possible use cases for our business. 

I’ve spent 12+ months to look for the best fitting and the most promising blockchain use cases.

I’ve ended up with use case how to solve a lot of inefficiencies in Own Brand Products creation process. How to enable new ways of cooperation between Suppliers, Company HQ and Subsidiaries and put everyone in the chain on the same important level. 

How to automatize many interactions between independent parties such as payments, invoicing, product specification document creation …

On this journey I’ve gained a lot of experience which helps me to see the possible future for blockchain technology.

Therefore I feel more & more confident to provide advisory about future investments into crypto currencies and blockchain projects. 

You might have different investment wishes ...

Crypto Currency Investment Plan

Ideal for you, If you would like to invest certain part of your portfolio money into Crypto Currencies.

Good fit, If your investment horizon is 3 - 5 years.

Perfect, If you want to take controlled risk in reward of outstanding profit opportunities
(e.g. 3000% profit)

You have complete control about your portfolio and money anytime with TOP CLASS advisory service from me.

6% Annual Return via Crypto Staking

Ideal for investors looking for controlled opportunity of higher annual interest than at any normal bank products.

Great fit, If you look for 100% liquidity of your money at anytime, but still being able to get 6% interest.

Super opportunity, If you expect additional potential profit from staked crypto apart of annual interest.

You have complete control about your money and coins in "Stake" with my TOP CLASS advisory service and staking recommendations.

Complete On-Behalf Crypto Investment Service

Service is currently in preparation phase as legal and tax conditions have to be met.

Ideal for you, If you don't want to deal with any crypto purchases, crypto exchange registrations, secure crypto storage and timing selling actions.

We plan to provide complete service
1, Buy crypto currencies for you base on our best analysis methods
2, Securely store them on cold storage and back up it in the bank's deposit box
3, Follow our agreed selling plan if certain profit targets are met, no action from your side needed. We'll sell the coins according to plan and send you the money.

How our Crypto Currencies Investment cooperation will look like

1. Let's get to know each other

I am curious how much do you know about crypto currencies, what are your investment plans and what are your expectations.

We can get in touch via email, WhatsUp call, Mobile-phone call, personally in Prague and Düsseldorf or other places.

You don’t pay anything for this first consultation and discussion. It’s FREE.

2. I prepare crypto investment plan for you

I’ll introduce you suggestions of your crypto currencies investment plan.

Together we will go through analysis, calculations and ideas.

We will add your requests and finalize amounts and expectations.

Smart suggestions and strong reasoning WHY to invest into selected coins.

3. I will take care about your portfolio also in the future

You will safe more money, than it will cost you.

My structure of paid advisory is fully transparent and fixed. No hidden costs. 

I am interested in long-term partnership and profit opportunities creation for you. 

You might have several questions

In 2017 I have invested into several ICO projects, and I still hold them. I’ve also invested in May 2017 into one the most promising crypto currency from Top 10 (it is not Bitcoin). I’ve sold all coins in January 2018 and gained 600% profit. Part of the profit I have used for investment into properties. Approx. 30% of profit I have re-invested into my crypto portfolio. 

In 2018 I was able to make 2 times 100% profit with several coins, the lower percentage gains were mainly caused due to long lasting bear market. 

On top up to now I build constantly my crypto portfolio with one single aim. In the mid-term (2-3 years) or maximal long-term (4-6 years) be able to work on my own projects financially free. 

The same opportunity I offer to you as your crypto currencies investment adviser.

1, We met for the first time in Prague. You have introduced me your plan, that you want to invest 20k EUR into crypto currencies with time period 5 years.

2, You’ve shared with me that currently you know a bit about Stocks, that you hold Daimler, BASF and several other blue chip shares. You’ve heard about Bitcoin in the news but still don’t understand fully how it works.

3, I have the first surprise for you. I still own only 0.03 of Bitcoin because I don’t invest into it. I can always add BTC into your future portfolio, but only on your educated request. 

4, I will share with you how do I evaluate coins. I use several years long fundamental analysis. I don’t use any technical analysis. I purely focus on real world use cases which will drive the price up. I don’t day trade. I invest for mid and long term profit targets. 

5, I will tell you that in crypto currency world, profit 100% in 3  or 4 years from now on precisely selected coins is a BAD DAY. 

6, I will introduce you which crypto exchanges I use and why. 

7, How I do keep my crypto currencies save on COLD STORAGEs. BTW: I can offer certain custody service for you as well.

8, If you feel that this crypto investment strategy is interesting for you and you want to join crypto investment world, I will start working on your portfolio plan taking 20k EUR as budget.

9, In upcoming days I will share with you your new crypto portfolio suggestions and we will start hopefully long term cooperation on your investment targets.

Happy to work with you. Petr


1, The first idea in your head is, “I won’t understand a word about crypto, because I’ve never invested in stocks, futures, certificates, ETFs and crypto currencies”. No worries.

2, I explain everything with maximal simplicity in focus. You want to invest and I am here to listen and advise you.

3, I won’t explain you all details about blockchain and possible visions & missions of crypto projects. You don’t need to know it. You can. You are free to study as much as you like. But my job is to explain you WHY it makes sense to invest into precisely selected coins.

4, I will evaluate together with you your investment plans for next 3 years and recommend you exact next steps. 

5, What coins and WHY to buy. Where. How to keep them safe or even I will offer you my custody service and advise you when to possibly sell coins.

6, I will advise you during the year and provide investment portfolio healthiness check.

7, I will follow the current market trends and suggest changes in portfolio if needed.

8, You won’t be let alone in crypto investment world. I will lead you through.

Happy to work with you. Petr


1, Several clients asked: “Is it possible to send you money, you will purchase crypto coins on your account on exchange and will send them to our cold storage?”. True is that I could possibly do that. On the other hand in the last years, crypto world is pretty sensitive about AML (Anti Money Laudering) and KYC (Know Your Customer).

Therefore It would be a bit suspicious for exchange if someone else sends me money on exchange account and I make withdrawal of coins to wallets which were just recently registered on my account.

But there is a solution. If you are really afraid that you might do something wrong, I offer my help either on phone or remotely if you need to deposit money on exchange, press for the first time BUY at market price button and send your coins to your new public wallet address.

You have a huge advantage. I went through the whole process already several times. I can quickly guide you what to do and what not. Remember, crypto currencies have been created with aim that you don’t need any 3rd party to take care of you. So it means, if you send your coins to different wallet to which you don’t have private key, nobody will give you the coins back.

2, Another younger client asked me: “Can I possibly give you my crypto exchange login / password and can you purchase advised coins for me? And securely send them to my cold storage?”. Such a request needs maximal trust between us. I keep this option open. If there wouldn’t any other way, I could help, but it is not the major aim.

3, Recently, I had one client around 35 years old. He asked me: “What if you give me my portfolio analysis and Investment plan, I will pay you minimum fee 400 EUR and won’t continue to work with you next 5 years?”.

My answer was: “No problem, you can do it.” The reality is that I am in crypto business longer time and it is pretty fast and volatile market. I look for long term cooperation and trust between us. One out of many advantages to have crypto currencies adviser is that if market goes down 20% or 30% in just a few days, you have somebody to ask what to do. Ask whether we should or shouldn’t evaluate our portfolio. You can ask me about portfolio healthiness check. And you can ask me these questions the whole investment period, for example 5 years. And not only this.

You have me who cares about your portfolio with maximum respect and focus because I always invest into the same coins which I also recommend to my clients.

4, I have one client, at age 50, he is COO in international company. He asked: “Do you offer something like special VIP service? You know, whole crypto world is too complicated for me. Can I just give you 200k EUR and you will do the rest? And inform me yearly how does it go?”

Interesting question. Actually my complete Crypto Investment Advisory service is VIP. I provide you all what you need to invest in to crypto currencies, without necessity to study for years, like me, hundreds of crypto projects.

Nonetheless I understand this request as well. You run your business, you are fully busy as CEO or COO and you want to give it a try with part of your overall portfolio without any additional effort. If you have similar situation, let’s open a discussion together and find the best fitting solution.  

5, One client 20 years old, being online entrepreneur asked me: “Do you guarantee me minimum 300% profit in 3 years? Is it sure thing?”

I guess you know the answer. No one can guarantee you the profit in markets like Stocks, Futures, Crypto Currencies, ETFs, Investment Funds … 

I provide maximal focused and experienced advisory service and invest into the same coins as you. I have a certain future expectations of price increase because I always share WHY I see potential for these coins. It is more metrics together creating bigger picture. 


High-level Crypto Market Hypothetical Model

For your better imagination what might we achieve if we select meaningful coins for the future with investment horizon 6 years. 

It is a model. The whole market can go different way. I’ve prepared this picture base on the crypto market behavior cycles in the past. 

True is that as new companies will join crypto currency projects and adoption will raise, the price appreciation for crypto currencies solving real world problems, might be even much steeper and bolder.

We cannot predict future. There is no certainty in case of investments. 

On the other hand we can make the best possible educated decision and let it play. 

Contact Petr

  • Prague (Czech Republic), Düsseldorf (Germany)
  • +49 151 151 121 31
  • I provide advisory in English or Česky