Recently, I’ve been contacted by client, who has been already several years active on stock markets. He said: “I’d like to put 100k EUR into crypto currencies, true is, that I don’t know where to start. Should I just buy Bitcoin?”


We had the first meeting. He explained me that he purchases time to time shares of German and US companies. He does not use any special tools or analysis. When he has a feeling that shares might go up and read several articles about it, he buys.


He is most of the time successful picking interesting stocks, problem is that he doesn’t have enough patience to wait 2 or 3 years for the profit. It might be even more visible if someone wants to invest into much more volatile asset class, crypto.


I was happy that he was really open and honest and shared also the troubles during keeping period of selected shares.


Back to our crypto investment plan. We have prepared concrete strategy to which coins to invest and why. We have included also one staking coin for annual interest. We have created fully ready-to-use selling strategy including notification service.


Here is the real Crypto Investment Plan for my client, with several information kept blank.


1, Time frame: sell all coins latest in December 2024 or follow selling plan in point 6

2, Investment amount: 100 000 EUR

3, Crypto currency portfolio:

  •  #1 …           60 000 EUR; WHY we have it in portfolio: …
  •  #2 …           20 000 EUR; WHY we have it in portfolio: …
  •  #3 …           15 000 EUR; WHY we have it in portfolio: …
  •  #4 …           5000 EUR; WHY we have it in portfolio: …

4, Crypto currency exchange allowed and trusted in client’s country:

5, Cold storage device: Ledger Nano X and software Ledger LIVE

6, Expectation of profit peaks in 5 years period: from 2020 to 2024 we expect up to 3000% profit as a peak. Probably it won’t stay in the peak forever, and base on the potential price levels, our selling strategy is:

  • #1 … if 500% profit reached, sell 30% of this coin, If 2000% reached – sell 50% of coin, If 3000% or more reached  – sell 20% of coin
  • #2 … if 1000% profit reached, sell 50% of coin, if 3000% or more reached – sell 50%
  • #3 … coin mainly focused on staking to receive 6% – 10% annual interest. If 3000% profit reached – sell 100%
  • #4 … sell anytime if coin reaches 1000% or more profit


7, Selling notifications: YES activated, via email, sms, phonecall

8, Every month portfolio value overview report: Yes, via email

9, All 5 years advisory and on demand advises: Yes, max. 10 hours per year or any other deal possible

10, Portfolio healthiness check: Yes, one time per year or on demand

11, Private advisory fee: 1% from maintained investment amount. 100000 EUR * 1% = 1000 EUR per year. No any other fees. Advisory fee can be covered as direct payment in fiat or deducted from already created profit (if it exists at the day of payment) and withdrawn in crypto currency #1 or it can be withdrawn from purchased crypto currency #1 in the value of yearly fee.



If you are in the similar situation and would like to take maybe investment opportunity of lifetime, let’s do it.

It does not matter that your budget is 10 times smaller (e.g. 10k or 20k EUR), let’s get in touch and create together your Crypto Investment Plan.


Chat soon,



P.S.: The crypto portfolio is also dependent on the amount of investment. If your amount is e.g. 10k, the portfolio might be built from 2 – 3 coins with lower focus on staking. If your portfolio amount is e.g. 200k, there are more opportunities to invest and staking can bring additional interesting profit. Every client’s portfolio might be different.


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