The reality about blockchain is that even that it is popular technology in
cryptocurrency communities, if you ask people, managers or leaders in big
companies, they are lost.

They’ve often heard the term. And many times they are not sure how to take the
benefits out of it.

I’ve also read many articles about blockchain and possible use cases. These
articles are in 99% cases flat. It means that they always mention general
possible areas for technology like Supply Chain, Inventory, Finance, Security,
Voting … but mostly never go into any detail or clear and simple explanation how
it might work in the real world. And most importantly: these articles and blog
posts are not able to highlight the benefits enough.

I assume the reason is mainly because authors lack of real world usage and
implementation of the blockchain solution. They simply don’t have a real touch.
I’d like to change it. I’d like to share with you the point of view about blockchain in

Yes. It is not just a technology. It is about your … I know again … mindset. Why I
connect it?

The story begins when I’ve started my exploration journey in worldwide
wholesale company and wanted to find best possible use cases for blockchain in
the real business. It was 2017, 2018.

In the beginning I’ve touched the area of Traceability with BOSCH company and
we’ve talked about Autonomous Shelves with Item Provenance.


Read more in the book Manager 4.0 in Agile World of 21st Century


In the book I also answer these questions:

Why cannot we just use standard relational database?

Why is blockchain needed?

By that word blockchain, do you mean, … uh, yes that Bitcoin?

Can you share how actually the blockchain solution can be developed for
business? Is there some miraculous programming language used?