You probably know and maybe even use OKR as a framework for your company’s objectives and their visibility, alignment and cooperation between the teams. OKR stands for Objectives & Key Results.

I talk about the concept on 5 pages in my book. I like the concept and values behind it. No doubts.

On the other hand I’ve been curious whether something might be missing in the framework. I’ve talked to colleagues and people from other companies.


OKR should be like “very well fitting part of Agile”. Are we talking about Agile way of WORKING? Yes.

Base on my experience and mindset, if Agile Values might really work, we should talk about Agile way of LIVING.

Something what is naturally in the mindset of entrepreneurs. Way of Living the values.

Here is the list of 5 Flaws which I see in OKR framework. It might change. It might not be complete or it is even not a flaw. Important is to think about that.

BTW: Therefore I introduce new CEC Model in the book, which provides the opportunities and solves the flaws.


5 OKR Flaws

1, Objectives, apology I use always outcomes, are not connected to Communities’ Outcomes and Values

2, Missing Blue Ocean Opportunities

3, Still hierarchy feeling

4, Supports Agile way of working, not way of living

5, No evaluation culture connected to real customers outcomes and values


My feeling is that many companies just jump on the band wagon of OKR, because they go agile so that OKR goes hand in hand with it, plus Google is successful and using OKR so that it will work for us as well. It is all right to increase transparency and visibility of work within the company.

I see a problem that people in the new company implementing OKR just read something on Internet about OKR framework, watch a few YouTube videos and take a help of external consultants. STOP. That’s it. They establish OKR Masters and let it go.

It all might work even that there is certain resistance and misunderstanding from other colleagues. All of this is fine except one THING.

It is process of consuming OKR instead of active co-creation and evaluation of the framework for your company and business.


Because if the people promoting OKR in your organization would actively evaluate and co-create the framework and  if they would be possessed with entrepreneurial mindset, they would not have a chance to miss the most important missing part in OKR framework:

Connection to company’s Communities’ Outcomes and Values.


Thank you for your time and reading,



PS: Yes, communities represent your customers, consumers and followers. And the major reason why all companies exist is to serve the communities.


Read more in the book Manager 4.0 in Agile World of 21st Century