You have MailerLite for your email campaigns and own website on WordPress, what next?


If you read and study the motivational books for business, there is almost always mentioned that if you want to sell something, it has to come from your passion. I better say from your desperate curiosity from which passion is created. We talk about selling 100, 1000 or more copies of your product. Not just 5 pieces.

A secret: If your aim is to sell at least a few pieces, this will very often happen. To find a few buyers is easy. To find 1000 buyers is tough. 100k buyers requires a marketing strategy plan and investments.

You have to find where you have high added value for future customers. Ideally where you’ve tried something, put together from several sources or simplified process which is often use by others.

Recently I’ve seen many authors selling so called “Manuals for happiness” or ”Habits’ hacks”.

Ask yourself: Would you buy your product? For what?

Authenticity together with Added Value is selling your products and services.

Show also your failures, which led to your current successful state. No one is super hero and your audience is probably not so successful as you are, otherwise they would not need your products.


Ideas what to offer online, I recommend to start with digital products as it has unlimited scalability.

1, E-book – very often people offer e-book as a bait to give them email for future up-sells. It is a good idea if your free e-book already brings a value. I mean the information which people can utilize without purchasing anything else from you.

2, Webinar – today it is popular form how to share your knowledge and experience. Important is again the value for your students. Often you can see that people offer 10 hours of webinars for one topic. Do you really want to spend so much time and focus for one webinar? Share your message directly, clearly and authentic way. You can either use member sections in WordPress or what I also use portals for webinars like udemy and teachable. Again, you can immediately come up with idea for paid webinar “How to create first udemy webinar in 60 minutes for 10k students”.

3, App – you can develop a software app which you can sell. I use Visual Studio from Microsoft and VB.NET. Most of you are probably not programmers, for me it is a hobby which has gained me already nice profit.


There are many other options like writing a real book or manage a hedge fund. Current trend is in so called “MasterMinds” classes and courses. You’ve heard the names like Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi, right?

The topics are similar but join their mailing lists and observe how do they communicate with you. How they push you to join their paid courses and lessons. Sometimes I wonder who really pays, the fact is that they have thousands of paying members so it works 🙂

Chat soon,