So we have email marketing tool MailerLite or other and now what about website?

You might say that you are not a programmer and you want to have your website as soon as possible ready. There are solutions like MioWeb and many others. But it is not free.

Here is the trick. If you go through a bit of valley of pain and tears, you might learn important knowledge which you can sell.

Because if I observe which projects and content are offering “Speedy Students” who are using ClickFunnels landing pages or MioWeb forms, I don’t wonder why they have difficulties to sell any of their products. All do the same. All use the same or similar.

The key for selling something online is? Added value for buyer. If you create a webinar about “Happiness” and write down just your own feelings, how much value it has for others? It can have a value. But it has to have selling value. Plus you have a lot of competitors because it is pretty easy to enter Happiness Webinars Offering Community. You don’t need to know anything specific.

Now come back to websites.

In the past I have downloaded free template for responsive websites, maintained a bit of code, integrated MailerLite and within 10 days I was ready to go including content.

Nowadays I recommend to use WordPress, yes it is the content management system on which you just read these words. It is free.

My list of actions for new website and new online business:

1, Go to hosting and domains provider and purchase domain, e.g. + webhosting + wordpress support.

2, Activate 1 SQL database in administrative login because WordPress needs it. Yeah, I do it with 3 clicks during ordering of my webhosting.

3, In admin section for my web, it is provided by webhosting company, I start WordPress installation. It is done within seconds.

4, I’ve spent for the first time 2 days of reading how plug-ins work, which are important to have and are for free. But that’s it. You can use free templates and start to create content and write your blog.

It is a bit of studying and reading, but in case that your business plan won’t work, you’ve lost just your time and most importantly: YOU have learnt a lot of new things.

On top you can create a paid webinar: “How to install the WordPress and setup the first Web”.

And you’ve just created another new idea for your online business.


Chat soon,