Yes, we are in the beginning. We want to collect the email addresses so that we can continue communication with our potential customers. How to do it smart and free?

If you are really in the beginning of your online business journey, you probably don’t have a big budget for all tools you are going to need. Therefore it is smart to try free products for email database and decide later whether to pay for it or not.

Base on my experience great solution for you might be MailerLite. You can have up to 1000 contacts for free. Yes, a few features are limited as well, but it has no impact for the beginning of your business.

Plus don’t expect that collection of your email addresses will be super fast. It takes time.

Play a bit with the tool. It is intuitive. Create major contact groups connected to your offered baits, better to say products where you ask customers to give you their email.

Example …

Group #1 Manager 4.0 book – where I collect all emails from people who downloaded the book preview

Group #2 News, Newsletter – where you can collect people more interested about your news and advices

In general if you start any new campaign for your products promotion, you can always add all groups to distribution list. Important is that you know what was the major motivation for people to join you.

If you are serious to build online business and sell your products, e.g. apps, e-books, webinars, your email database is the golden vein of your income.

Please build it patiently and continuously.

MOTIVATION FOR YOU: It works like that. You’ve created your first app and you offer it for $50. Your email list has 200 subscribers. You send promotional campaign to your email’s group #1 and #2. Email’s open rate is 30%. Click rate is 15%. Purchase rate 5%. If you are lucky.

It means you are going to have: 5% from 200 contacts = 10 purchases of $50 = $500. Not bad for the first app and only 200 people in your list. Imagine, that you have 2000 emails in your list. Suddenly the income is $5000 which starts to be motivating income. Now you feel the importance of your email database, right?

Chat soon,


BTW: You can use any other product like MailChimp, Aweber, GetResponse … I feel that MailerLite provides one of the best options to start for free.