CTA 4.0 is a new mindset
Agile. Teams. Blockchain. Tribes. Business. NLP.

Intrinsic motivation does not come with money or position, but with never ending curiosity.

Comfort zone is an acronym for lazy brain and lost brave attitude.

Be pro-active and hungry for knowledge & experience. It will pay off minimum twice.

Inspired by Agile Values and Mindsets, tons of companies' experience & Neuro Linguistic Programming

I am happy to work with you on your Crypto Currencies Investment plan as your Adviser. 

I welcome you to my webinars and training about Agile Transformation, Mindset Change and CEC Model.

I invite you to read my book Manager 4.0 in agile world of 21st century.

Passion is great and it comes if you are desperately curious 

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How Entrepreneur, Agile Way of Living and Digital Age are connected together? You find the answers here!


The most of the employees are not possessed with Entrepreneurial mindset. They can evolve to become Product Owner with Entrepreneurial Mindset. And it does not come only from company's environment. To make a real move, they have to start any kind of own business.

Agile & Scrum way of living

Have you read about "Agile way of working or thinking"? Cool. To get real values out of Agile, you have to LIVE the values and mindset. It is not only about to follow the agile rules, principles, manifesto or company's squeezed agile way of working. It is YOU and your values which make Agile way of living.

digital age

Speed of communication, sharing the information and gaining knowledge has never been faster. Many times you get too many empty words and fulfilling text sentences without quality content. STOP. Digital Age has no time to waste because someone wanted to sell 10 hours of webinars or book with 600 pages. Follow CTA 4.0 methodology.

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Are you going through the Agile Transformation and it is way too complicated for your employees? Continue reading … 

The Book Introduction

50+ Interviews with employees, leaders, Product owners, scrum masters, agile coaches, managers, directors, developers ...

NLP as perfect match of values and mindset evolution towards brilliance and excellence

Continuous Evaluation Cult(ure) model makes Objective & Key Results obsolete

The book has been inspired by

My own Mindset and Call To Action 4.0 Values
Outcome Thinking
Lean Startup
Lean Entrepreneur
Blue Ocean Strategy
Neuro-Linguistic Programming
Objective & Key Results Methodology
Agile Transformation
Agile Way of Working / Thinking / Living
Blockchain Technology Trends
Cult Brands
Agile Manifesto and Scrum Methodology
Culture Change Trends and Behavioral Patterns

On most of the pages I keep the FOG INDEX around 10.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

What is the whole methodology about?

What is your experience? Have you realized “Empty Words and Sentences” in many presentations, talks, speeches, team communication, stakeholder discussions … ? CTA 4.0 points out the key values if you want to finally move into 21st century and provide maximum knowledge, in the minimum time, to get best optimal results.

Who can benefit out of CTA 4.0 and book Manager 4.0 in Agile world of 21st Century?

You are manager, product owner, agile coach, board member, department leader, team lead, global director, account manager, agile team member, scrum master, employee, entrepreneur, consultant, vice-president … just to name a few people who can take great benefits out of this concept and book to be a several light years ahead of competitors.

What is the best takeaway from the book?

You will understand CTA 4.0 Methodology and Values to be able to start working, presenting and communicating much more efficient and effective way. 

You will learn Super Blockchain Usecase which can be utilized for many types of companies, organizations, industries and businesses.

You will learn 5 Strategy Steps How to go through Agile Transformation ahead of competitors.  Agile Elephant Strategy. 20/20/60 Agile Culture Model. CEC Model.

And on top you will understand Entrepreneurial Spinning Circle, Raise / Fall / Reborn calculation formula, Engagement Miracle and Blockchain in Business detailed explanation. 

How can I get the book?

Please first download the book preview for free, it’s 22 pages. If you already see a value in it, than go to Amazon.com , Amazon.de or other providers and take the full copy of the unique book.

Take the book on Leanpub

How to start

Indentify where your company is in Agile transformation

Age 0 - 1,5y of Agile Teams? Phase Raise, Fall or Reborn? Do you have POEM, EPO or most of Product Owners are BRPO or PPO? Start Living Tribes as they should be. Benefit out of Blockchain technology for 21st century cooperation. Get ahead of competitors.

Take recommended actions from the book Manager 4.0 in Agile World of 21st Century

  • Follow values of Call To Action 4.0, if you present, have a discussion, create content or communicate in scrum team
  • Evaluate what is your % ratio between POEM, EPO and PPO, BRPO, take an action
  • Understand Agile Teams phases, Raise - Fall - Reborn and take an action
  • Utilize Blockchain Super UseCase and other Usecases described in the book for maximum efficiency, smooth, transparent and trustful cooperation between your company HQ, Subsidiaries, Countries, Suppliers and Partners
  • Follow Complete CTA 4.0 Agile Transformation Strategy for your company - step by step unique guide

Do you know 20/20/60 Agile Culture Model? 

The book in figures

Pages full of non-repeating content
Smart Quotes for even faster steps to mindset change
Years of living Agile Values

Unique 5 steps for your 500+ employees' company to start real agile journey

Agile Transformation Strategy in 5 steps

Step 1 Culture Change

Step 2 Flourish the Innovations

Step 3 Key Values of Agile Living / Thinking / Working

Step 4 Agile Company Structure

Step 5 Continuous Evaluation Cult(ure)

It's an unique opportunity to see the Agile transformation from genuine point of view

What the people working in Agile companies say about the book

Wow! I've read the book several times and I've been always curious to re-read that. Some important AHA moments don't come if you read it just once. It is not necessary to use many empty words to share the important message. Excellent job.
Karel Hoch
DBA in T1-Solution
A must read! For every Scrum Team Members, Agile Coaches, Leading managers, CEO, COO and Product Owners.
Jakub Matejec
Leading Agile Coach of 5 Squads at ING Bank
The book is full of real life stories, genuine experience and you can feel that Petr went through the Valley of pain and tears to come up with such a great stuff.
Martin Kaspar

Global Service Delivery Manager at Novartis

What are the "Smart Quotes"?

In the book I provide you on almost every page a Smart Quote.

It is not highlighted sentence from the page or chapter. It brings additional valuable and fast tip or hint connected to the content of the chapter.

If you take just these 110 Smart Quotes, you can already go much faster towards Mindset change and Agile Way of Living.

Being a role model of innovations is the key factor to move 80% of your company and start thinking.

Target a limited number of carefully chosen opportunities rather than pursuing every available one.

Cross-pollination is better than standardization.

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I consult the companies which are ready to innovative technologies such as blockchain.

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I consult the companies being a bit lost in Agile way of working. I provide on-side training and interactive video-seminars to employees, managers and leaders about Continuous Evaluation Cult(ure) Model, Agile Way of Living and Entrepreneurial and Curiosity Mindsets. 


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